Title : Camille. A life, an apartment

Type : Documentary

Length : 28 minutes

Format : HDV

The film is produced with support from Filmworkshop (The Danish Film Institute)

Director and camera : Anne Sophie Bosc

Editor : Maria Tjørnelunde

Consultant editor: Åsa Mossberg

Sound editing and mix: Mikkel Munk Appel

Graphics: Malik Thomas Spang Bruun

Online and colorgrading: Rikke Flensberg

Original music: Kristian Selin Eidnes Andersen


The 28 min. documentary “Camille. A life, an apartment” follows Camille, an Algerian Jewish, 94 years old woman who has lived in the same apartment for 80 years, in Paris.

The old building has to be renovated, and she is forced to move, despite her protests and her struggle against the decision. This turns upside down Camille's life, thinking that she will never come back to her childhood home.

Experiences and feelings from her past life turn up to the surface of her mind and she fears that the atrocious past will return, where she just had no control over her life. Surviving was the main focus during the war and she had to flee from Paris because she was a Jew.

Now again, she is in a situation where an external decision will change her life and she can feel she has no weight in the decisions around her.

The movie is also about a friendship between an old lady and a young woman. The film-director was Camille's neighbor and from the beginning she was a close friend present in Camille's everyday life.

Besides the event of the moving, Camille as a person is fascinating. She is a woman with a very strong character, a loving old coquette lady and a bit of a shrew. She has her opinions and say them straight, without wrapping anything in.

The film follows Camille, her strong character and change of moods, through thick and thin for a year of big changes.