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My main domains are documentary, video and social projects in new media. More specifically, I am interested in new forms of video and develop projects that use new media and a mix of production procedures, at the intersection of art, information and politics. The focus is on Frontiers (displacement and migration in Europe) and New documentary on the net. I work essentialy as an independent artist and often co-working with others on different projects. For example, I take part in a research group at ENSBA, France called datadata ( We experiment and reflect about new media, images and art.

How I see my work

Our geographic and social origins, the notions of displacement and migration in Europe are the main
“research fields” that form the basis of my projects and my concerns.
I create videos filmed while traveling and through meetings. I approach people who are born or have lived abroad or who have had a relationship with/to “abroad” in special circumstances, for example in times of war.
I’m interested in this issue of migration in current events (eg. Refugees in Europe today), but I’m interested primarily in the bond it has with the past and I always try to make the involved people testify themselves, particularly to make the elderly participate, in the testimony of their memory of similar events in the past.
In parallel to my production of rather conventional documentary portraits such as 4 fictions, And then the other side and Camille (a documentary currently in production, about a 94-year-old Jewish Algerian woman who has fled during the war), I am interested in new forms of video. There is, in my opinion, topics that would gain from being treated artistically in new ways. Ways that are at the intersection of art, information and politics. Personally I create in these 3 areas of art but I also try to cross them. In one of my works,
“Parcours”, I incorporate several methods and mediums such as drawing, collage, and text, to my video production.
I am involved in the research group of ENBA Lyon Datadata, a group experimenting and reflecting about new media, images and art.
In my production, I always need to be in touch with reality and to collect the voice of the “other”. For that, I take pleasure in creating projects that I organize most of the time around people of foreign origins or who have experienced war. These projects may take the form of dialogues and exchanges and result in exhibitions and websites. One of the projects I propose is terre d´accueil (that can be translated land of welcome, haven or home).
I also make websites around refugees and asylum seekers in France. I use the Web as a “third place”, a place where the “borders” do not need to be crossed. The shape of the sites is a kind of collage with fragments of my videos, drawings, collages and texts found in newspapers or on the Net related to current events.
The art critic Jill Gasparina said about my work on the Net: “If Anne Sophie Bosc tackles serious political issues, she does so in ways that have nothing to do with clean documentary production or even a sociological survey. She chooses instead to create space between reality and fiction: she works in the forms of uncertainty. “. I am interested in human beings and its nomadic nature and I am an artist who simply wants to keep my eyes open.